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Innova Supply Chain.

Connecting your business with the best supply chain tools on the market

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What do
we do?

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Supply Chain Management

Business transformation and optimization is at the heart of what we do. Principally we are an international management consulting team, focused on supporting growing and emerging markets and helping clients to realise the full potential of an Integrated and Optimized end-to-end Supply Chain and Logistics function.

Supply Chain Healthchecks

Carrying out a Purchasing, Supply Chain and Logistics Health Check is often the first step in understanding and benchmarking a company’s current level of performance in the Supply Chain market. By understanding existing processes and metrics, and comparing them with competitive benchmarks and world class models, often provides a business platform for implementing changes at either a tactical or strategic level.

Technology Solutions

Innova partners with Global industry leaders in the provision of Supply Chain Solutions technology. Our partners are award winning and globally recognised as best in class. We can provide access to solutions for all genres and sizes of organisations and are passionate about supporting access to technology for small, medium and even micro enterprises. 

A sample of some of the clients we have worked with in the region

“We work to build innovative and dynamic supply chains within our clients' organisations”

Irene Sutton - CEO, Innova Supply Chain

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