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Business Process Integration



To succeed in the digital economy, organizations must manage the integration of business, technology, people, and processes not only within the enterprise but also across extended enterprises. Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems facilitate inter-enterprise cooperation and collaboration with suppliers, customers and business partners.

Although this can bring benefits and competitive advantage to organizations, the management and implementation of this system pose significant challenges to organizations.

Process integration and redesign is important component SCM implementations. Integration involves not only implementing ERP systems and ensuring they communicate or interface with legacy systems, but it also involves integrating ERP and SCM systems with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), e-procurement and e-marketplaces, as well as making them available over the internet to foster cooperation and collaboration across the entire value chain.

Working with clients, ERP Solution Providers as well as ERP Implementation Partners, Innova Supply Chain has successfully aligned business strategies and processes with ERP tools.

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