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Implementation Project Management



Project management is an often undervalued discipline. It requires significant skills in planning, organizing and managing resources against specific objectives that are nearly always constrained by time and cost.

All of our team members at Innova Supply Chain are experienced project managers, with the required organizational and communication skills that they continually practice through the implementation of our services.

Often our clients need to bring these project management skills in-house, either to support a new implementation or to revive a failing project. In these situations our Supply Chain Consultants skills can prove invaluable, and they can:

  • Help you to determine and clarify the project objectives

  • Help you to establish the correct level of project sponsorship

  • Work with you to develop and manage a realistic timing schedule

  • Identify, allocate & manage cross-functional resources

  • Coordinate and manage tasks, risks and issues

  • Formally communicate project progress to all stakeholders

  • Organise & lead regular project team meetings and wider awareness sessions

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