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Network Optimisation



Innova Supply Chain appreciates the complexities of operating an international Supply Chain. We are able to assist companies already sourcing or supplying overseas and those considering where they should start.

Network planning involves building transport, inventory and location strategies around your customer service goals, ensuring the total package achieves the best service at the lowest cost. Companies often devote considerable time & expense in ‘optimising’ only one element of the network, failing to notice the negative cost effects this may have elsewhere.

Innova Supply Chain provides a range of global logistics services including reviewing and advising clients on:

  • Logistics operation and network, including opportunities for consolidation, configuration and other value add at source

  • Inventory levels and desired location to meet customer service levels with typically longer lead-times and/or transit times

  • Freight methodology and export/import processes

  • Transport route scheduling

  • Multimodal transport alignment

  • Benchmarking logistics costs and performance to determine whether improvements can be made

  • International trade, freight terms and appropriate pricing mechanisms

  • Selection processes or benchmarking assessment of contractors. E.g. freight forwarders, transport and distribution providers

  • Internal management and monitoring of the global logistics operation

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