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Process Design



In order to provide sound and effective Supply Chain solutions, existing processes must be analysed, improvements identified and solutions designed and written.

The solutions are tested theoretically using software modelling, with an allowance for the human “intervention” factor.

This facilitates a “Cause & Effect” and Scenario analysis of the integration of the proposed process into new or existing logistics, manufacturing and supply chain operations.

As well as complete Supply Chain assessment and design, Innova Supply Chain will develop processes for exceptions within the usual process, otherwise known as Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM). This is to ensure that a breakdown in the Supply Chain in one area can be compensated, or bypassed, by an exception process in order that the whole, or part of, the supply chain does not come to a standstill and is still able to function.

  • Business modelling & statistical analysis

  • Network analysis & optimization

  • Transport route scheduling capabilities

  • Data presentation

  • Project management and administration

  • Geographical analysis – thematic mapping, centre of gravity studies

  • Time and motion and Operational Workflow Study and Resource Requirement Planning

  • Operational and Supply Chain Cost Modelling

  • Operational Process and Design

  • Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM)

  • Process application and solution Implementation

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