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Sales & Operation Planning



Innova Supply Chain consultants work with our clients to fully implement S&OP and to help their business deliver improved customer service and cost & capital efficiency. We deploy simple, no nonsense methods that make S&OP applicable and affordable for all manufacturing companies, whatever the size of your business.

We apply our proven method to get your S&OP process designed and embedded within all departments, in the shortest possible lead time. Our method ensures your S&OP process is robust, easily understood and entirely geared towards your specific activities.

In conjunction with our method, our team approach is to:

  • Work in consensus with your team to develop a process that all functions can truly own

  • Keep it simple and logical ensuring the process is understood by all stakeholders

  • Provide you with robust proven models no need for expensive software

  • Work with your people at a detailed level to deliver a comprehensive process

  • Train and develop your teams as part of the design process

Our approach will enable you to make considered long term contingency plans for production and logistics resources, whilst optimising your cost base and sustainably improving your service.

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