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Supply Chain Healthcheck



Carrying out a Purchasing, Supply Chain and Logistics Health Check is often the first step in understanding and benchmarking a company’s current level of performance in the Supply Chain market.

By understanding existing processes and metrics, and comparing them with competitive benchmarks and world class models, often provides a business platform for implementing changes at either a tactical or strategic level.

Our Health Check is designed to provide a wide ranging review of your current Purchasing, Supply Chain and Logistics practices and the ability of your infrastructure to support your business objectives. It is performed as a hands-on exercise and is tailored to find disconnects between your business processes and operational objectives.

After the initial site visit we prepare and present a written report outlining best practice comparisons, key findings, areas for improvement and a review of the short and longer term strategies needed to meet your operational objectives.  The report also includes a detailed summary of your companies Purchasing, Supply Chain and Logistics effectiveness, a summary of key issues, a summary of recommended actions and an Opportunity Profile on how to achieve substantial cost savings and sustainable bottom-line improvements.

In addition, our Health Check will not only benchmark your current position, but will also provide an independent assessment of your “state of health” together with recommendations on how to achieve substantial cost savings and sustainable business improvements.

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